Sentence Examples with the word high seas

Even when a medusa is seen to be budded from a polyp under observation in an aquarium, the difficulty is not always solved, since the freshly-liberated, immature medusa may differ greatly from the full-grown, sexually-mature medusa after several months of life on the high seas (see figs.

Though then uninhabited there is a strong tradition, probably well founded, that the Seychelles had been from Arab times a rendezvous of the pirates and corsairs who infested the high seas between South Africa and India.

A second draft allowed the man who had the military equipment complete, but not fully the five hides of land, to slip into the list, and also the merchant who has fared thrice over the high seas at his own expense.

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In 1886 a difference about international rights on the high seas arose on the Pacific coast in connexion with the seal fisheries of Bering Sea.

Although observations on marine currents were made near land or between islands even in antiquity, accurate observations on the high seas have only been possible since chronometers furnished a practicable method of determining longitude, i.e.

The mercantile marine of the United States was almost driven off the high seas by the terror of these destructive cruisers.