Sentence Examples with the word high school

Furthermore, children past 15 years of age who have completed the grammar school .course but are not regularly and lawfully employed at some useful occupation must attend a high school or a manual training school until 17 years of age.

A law enacted in 1908 encourages the establishment of departments of agriculture, domestic economy and manual training in at least one high school in each congressional district.

It was like a high school scavenger hunt, absent the babes and fun.

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The highest educational establishments are to be found in Belgrade: the Velika Shkola (a small university with three faculties), the military academy, the theological seminary, the high school for girls, a commercial academy, and several schools for secondary education on German models.

Dean had watched Billy play high school basketball the past winter.

In 1900 a high school for shipbuilding was founded, and in 1901 an institute for seamen's and tropical diseases, with a laboratory for their physiological study, was opened, and also the first public free library in the city.

In a school district which maintains a four-year accredited high school there is a text-book commission consisting of the city superintendent or the principal of the high school, two members of the board of directors designated by the board, and two teachers appointed by the board.

You'd think we were still sitting in the same high school bleachers where we'd met a decade earlier.

He was the husband of Cynthia Cosgrove Byrne and the father of Randy Byrne, a Parkside High School senior.

Whenever Ion freeholders request it, the county commissioners must submit to the voters of a proposed high school district the question of establishing a high school district, and each precinct giving a majority vote for it constitutes a part of such a district for establishing and maintaining a high school.