Sentence Examples with the word high ground

Shortly before 6.30 the 4th Corps (Ladmi rault) suddenly began to deploy on the high ground to the northwest beyond Mey, thus threatening the right flank of the Prussian I.

In Orleans the city of New Orleans occupies nearly all the high ground and encroaches on the swamps.

In front of the town is the islet of Munkholm, formerly a monastery and now a fortress; on the high ground to the east is the small stronghold of Christiansten.

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They moreover enjoyed an even more marked superiority in respect to artillery, and this the Ottoman commander-in-chief hastened to turn to account; the heavier guns which had been sweeping the Anzac and Suvla areas for months past were promptly transferred to the high ground overlooking the extremity of the peninsula or to positions on the Asiatic side of the Straits from which the extremity of the peninsula could be effectively taken in flank.

On the high ground where the enemy was, the smoke of a cannon rose, and a ball flew whistling over the heads of the hussar squadron.

The town lies on high ground near the Santee river, in a region abounding in swamps, limestone cliffs and pine forests.

The Syracusans had been at first thoroughly cowed; but they were cowed no longer, and they even plucked up courage to sally out and fight the enemy on the high ground of Epipolae.

This latter building, standing on high ground at Sydenham, and visible from far over the metropolis, is devoted not only to concerts, but to general entertainment, and the extensive grounds give accommodation for a variety of sports and amusements.

Two brigades of Birdwood's force were thereupon temporarily transferred to Helles by night, and on the 6th and following two days a mighty effort was made by the invaders to push forward in this southern area and to win the high ground that stretches across the peninsula about 5 m.

Breaching the high ground of Salisbury Plain, it passes Amesbury, and following a very sinuous course reaches Salisbury.