Sentence Examples with the word high church

It arose incidentally out of a Conference Version, between the High Church and the Low Church parties convened by James I.

He belonged to the High Church school, which was influenced by the teaching of Newman and Pusey and the Oxford teachers of their day; but he by no means slavishly followed them.

He must have been a much hated man, for his latitudinarianism offended the high church party and his rationalism the other sections.

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The crown and not in the church., Within a few months of this famous decision the popeperhaps encouraged by the activity and despondency of the High Church party issued a brief for re-establishing and extending the Catholic faith in England, and proceeded to divide England and Wales into twelve sees.

Weinel); the church supernaturally guided (R.C. apologetic; in a modified degree High Church apologetic); essential - not necessarily exclusive - truth of Paulinism, essential error in first principles of Catholicism (Protestant apologetic).

Among the principal were the London Review (1775-1780), A New Review (1782-1786), the English Review (1783-1796), incorporated in 1797 with the Analytical Review (1788-1799), the AntiJacobin Review and Magazine (1798-1821), and the British Critic (1793-1843), the organ of the High Church party, and first edited by Archdeacon Nares and Beloe.

In this connexion it is worth pointing out that the homily against idolatry was reprinted, without alteration and by the king's authority, long after altar lights had been restored under the influence of the high church party supreme at court.

He was a clergyman of the old High Church school, whose adherents, untouched by the influence of the Wesleys, had moulded their piety on the doctrines on the non-jurors and the old Anglican divines.

The result of his action was to alienate the leaders of the High Church party, who had endeavoured to procure the formal condemnation of the views advanced in Essays and Reviews.

Dissenting chapels were sacked to the cry of High Church and Sacheverell.