Sentence Examples with the word high

The Levites, who formerly ministered in the high places, now discharge the subordinate offices of gate-keepers and slaughterers of the sacrificial victims.

But in all parts of the great chain itself, the term Alp (or Alm in the Eastern Alps) is exclusively applied to the high mountain pastures (see ALP), and not to the peaks and ridges of the chain.

Among his more notable examples are the Royal Border bridge at Berwick-onTweed, the High Level bridge at Newcastle-on-Tyne, the Britannia tubular bridge over the Menai Straits, the Conway tubular bridge, and the Victoria tubular bridge over the St Lawrence at Montreal.

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Obviously he was accustomed to socializing on a high level.

Interest was charged at very high rates for overdue loans of this.

Near Hetzelsdorf Prince Andrew struck the high road along which the Russian army was moving with great haste and in the greatest disorder.

Carboniferous one at Ballycastle, the high outliers of Millstone Grit and Coal-Measures round Lough Allen, and the Dungannon and Coalisland field in county Tyrone.

Beyond the marketplace is the High Street, which runs along the top of the Maas Dyke.

Boris was now a rich man who had risen to high honors and no longer sought patronage but stood on an equal footing with the highest of those of his own age.

By reducing the oxide with charcoal at a high temperature, he obtained a product which he took to be metallic uranium.