Sentence Examples with the word hick

There was certainly nothing here to hold him, and a little country hick would be the last female he would consider seriously.

I'm just a country hick myself.

Sure, and I was nothing but a temporary diversion - a local hick to provide you with entertainment.

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I don't understand what such a wonderful person sees in a hick like me.

So's I can stand out of the way while he does what he's going to do anyway, small town hick that I am.

And just for the record, only an arrogant fool would mistake you for an unsophisticated country hick - and I've never been arrogant.

The city slicker and the country hick - even Josh had warned her.

Some hick town newspaper said I was the best actor in the cast, but I think he was trying to be funny.

He must think she was the biggest hick he'd ever seen.