Sentence Examples with the word hibernating

The application of ordinary antiseptic powders to leaves inside which a Fungus, such as a Uredo or Ustilago, is growing can only result in failtire, and similarly if tobacco fumes, for instance, are applied when the insects concerned are hibernating in the ground beneath.

Before hibernating the adults grow very fat, and it is by the gradual consumption of this fat - known in commerce as bear's grease - that such vital action as is necessary to the continuance of life is sustained.

It was near ten o'clock the next morning when Martha awoke in a festive mood with the appetite of a hibernating bear.

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The hibernating creature within her shook itself awake and began crawling through her blood.

Hinds states that the hibernating individuals live for more than six months.

Species of other families (Lycosidae, Clubionidae) may live for a few seasons, hibernating in the soil or amongst dead leaves; and examples of the larger spiders (Aviculariidae) have been kept alive in captivity for several years.