Sentence Examples with the word hiatus

Here we can read the young Aristotle, writing in the form of the dialogue like Plato, avoiding hiatus like Isocrates, and justifying the praises accorded to his style by Cicero, Quintilian and Dionysius.

The fusion of the two is found in the abrupt hiatus of iii.

The nutlog will be taking a hiatus for about three weeks in August.

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There was a hiatus in the activities of the agency.

He could very easily write in different styles at different times, now avoiding hiatus and now not, sometimes writing diffusely and sometimes briefly, partly polishing and partly leaving in the rough, according to the subject, his own state of health or humour, his age, and the degree to which he had developed a given topic; and all this even in the same manuscript as well as in different manuscripts, so that a difference of style between different parts of a work or between different works, explicable by one being earlier than another, does not prove either to be not genuine.

Tarantino is lucky because he had a six-year hiatus to hide the fact that he steals from any random film he likes.

I tonic long and i short, when in hiatus with another vowel, produce i (amich, a in i c u 1; via, vi a).

Their abstraction creates a hiatus in space-time and a sense of unboundedness.

After a hiatus of fifty years, France had finally allowed the US to build a small, largely symbolic, NATO base.

On the other hand, Portuguese has a large n.urnber of strong diphthongs produced by the attraction of an i in hiatus or the resolution of an explosive into i: raiba (r a b I a),feira (fer i a), frito (f a c t u m), seixo (sax u m), osto (oct 0).