Sentence Examples with the word hi

From the first he showed a sober and grave bearing; he reconciled himself to all his enemies, gave up his youthful follies, and became a model king Hi according to the ideas of his day.

Rodriguez, Apuntes gramaticales sobre el romance gallego de hi crnica Iroyana (La Corufla, 1898), and Saco Arce, Gramdtica gallega (Lugo, 1868); for other dialectical varieties, see I.

In 1654 he was again in Ireland, and after making certain recommendations to his father, now lord prctector, with regard to the government of that country, hi became major-general of the forces in Ireland and a member of the Irish council of state, taking up his new duties in July 1655.

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A thin sheet of magnetic matter magnetized normally to its surface in such a manner that the magnetization at any place is inversely proportional to the thickness h of the sheet at that place is called a magnetic shell; the constant product hI is the strength of the shell and is generally denoted by 4, or 4.

See C. Hi lsen in Pauly-Wissowa, Realencyclopildie, iii.

He trumped.up a vain story that his uncle was once more conspiring against him, arrested him, and sent him HI over to Calais, where he was secretly murdered in re5venge on prison.

Baron Gautsch fell in April over a difference with the Poles, and his successor, Prince Konrad zu Hohenlohe-Schillingsfiirst, who had taken over the reform bills, resigned also, Baron six weeks later, as a protest against the action of the crown in consenting to the enactment of a customs tariff in Hungary distinct from, though identical with, the joint Austro-Hungarian tariff comprised hi the Szell-Kdrber compact and enacted as a joint tariff by the Reichsrath.

Then was a universal wish that the Austrian Germans should hi included in the German state; on the other hand, it was fel that if all the various nationalities of Austria formed a unite monarchy, and if this monarchy as a whole were included ir the confederation, it would necessarily overshadow Germany and expose her to unnecessary external dangers.

I just wanted to say hi before you left.

One of the best indications of actual winter weather, as apart from the arrival of winter by the calendar, is the development of cyclonic disturbances of such strength that the change frcm their warm, sirocco-like southerly inflow hi front of their centre, to the cold wave of their rear produces lion-periodic temperature changes strong enough to overcome the weakened diurnal temperature changes of the cold season, a relation which practically never occurs in summer time.