Sentence Examples with the word heteroptera

For internal structure of Heteroptera see R.

In this tribe are included five or six families of aquatic Heteroptera which spend the greater part of their lives submerged, diving and swimming through the water.

The order is divided into two suborders, the Heteroptera and the Homoptera.

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Sound-producing organs of Heteroptera are described by A.

Injurious insects occur among the following orders: Coleoptera, Hymenoptera, Lepidoptera, Diptera, Hemiptera (both heteroptera and homoptera), Orthoptera, Neuroptera and Thysanoptera.

Among general systematic works on Heteroptera may be mentioned J.

Most Heteroptera are flattened in form, and the wings lie flat, or nearly so, when closed.

This tribe includes some eighteen families of terrestrial, arboreal and marsh-haunting bugs, as well as those aquatic Heteroptera that live on the surface-film of water.

It is usual to divide the Heteroptera into two tribes - the Gymnocerata and the Cryptocerata.

The Heteroptera can be traced back farther than any other winged insects if the fossil Protocimex silurica Moberg, from the Ordovician slates of Sweden is rightly regarded as the wing of a bug.