Sentence Examples with the word heterogeneity

A good idea of its heterogeneity is afforded by the English translations of Talmudic and other commentaries by P. I.

Whether this heterogeneity of structure is or is not consistent with homogeneity and continuity of substance is another question.

As an oriental work among an oriental people the moral and spiritual influence of the Talmud has rested upon its connexion with a history which appealed to the imagination and the feelings, upon its heterogeneity of contents suitable for all moods and minds, and upon the unifying and regulative effects of its legalism.

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The superiority of animals to plants and metals in the possession of special organs of sense is connected with the greater complexity and heterogeneity of their structure.

In the regions of greatest linguistic mixture is the greatest heterogeneity of cephalic index.

But the scattered heterogeneity of his possessions, the frequent crippling of his authority by national privileges or by political discords and religious quarrels, his perpetual straits for money, and his cautious calculating character, almost outweighed the advantages which he possessed in the terrible Spanish infantry, the wealthy commerce of the Netherlands, and the inexhaustible mines of the New World.

Hamilton seems never to have been quite satisfied with the apparent heterogeneity of a quaternion, depending as it does on a numerical and a directed part.

Lord Rayleigh has pointed out that the difference may arise from the heterogeneity of alloys.