Sentence Examples with the word hess

This important principle is a direct consequence of the law of the conservation of energy, but was discovered independently by Hess from accurate experiment.

It is adorned with a cycle of religious paintings by Heinrich von Hess (1798-1863), and the dome is supported by sixtyfour monoliths of grey Tyrolese marble.

Gumperz or Hess rendered a conspicuous service to Mendelssohn and to the cause of enlightenment in 1754 by introducing him to Lessing.

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Regnault, Person and Hess employed the method of mixture which is probably the most accurate for the purpose.

This deduction harmonized the observations of Andrews and of Hess previously alluded to, and also accounted satisfactorily for the Law of Thermoneutrality.

The king was now informed, and on the 8th Generals Vaillant, Della Rocca and Hess met at Villafranca and arranged an armistice until the 15th of August.

After the investigations of Hess and Andrews, a great deal of excellent experimental work was performed by P. A.

This affords an example of a principle which had been stated by Hess in a very general form under the name of the Law of Constant Heat Sums - namely, that the thermal effect of a given chemical action is the same, independently of the character and number of the stages in which it takes place.