Sentence Examples with the word hesitantly

He paused, looking hesitantly at his truck.

She offered the clipboard to him hesitantly He took the clipboard and studied it, kicking his boots off as he did so.

She walked hesitantly to his office.

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She knelt beside it, looking hesitantly at the dangerous weapons within.

He tucked the chicken under his arm and hesitantly joined her at the porch steps.

Alex hesitantly put an arm around her waist, relaxing when she caressed his hand.

The vehicle turned hesitantly and she idly wondered if Dad was letting Angela drive again.

Bordeaux led his horse down the embankment and Cassie hesitantly followed.

Taking a deep breath, she hesitantly inserted her hand into the birth canal and carefully slid it along the tiny leg until she felt the muzzle.

He hesitantly announced to Carmen one evening that he wanted to learn to play a guitar.