Sentence Examples with the word hesitant

Dean was forced to quiet the persistent instrument before hesitant Janet could muster enough courage to voice her reply.

A'Ran crossed his arms, more hesitant to consider his second in command-- and closest friend-- being a traitor now that his sister was involved with Ne'Rin.

He understood better the tension between Ne'Rin and nishani after several hesitant stories from Talal of their discussions.

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Evelyn asked with a hesitant smile.

On the one hand, it is apt to take refuge in an uncritical acceptance of the traditional readings, and, on the other hand, to produce a crop of hesitant and mutually destructive conjectures which a reader naturally resents as a needless waste of his time.

Dean was hesitant to discuss this or any aspects of the job with Ethel.

Dean considered relating to Jonathan his suspicions that Nota had contacted Mrs. Glass but he was hesitant to even mention the Byrne matter to the FBI, nor did he wish to volunteer information on Fred's clandestine trip to Scranton.

Dean wanted to ask when she might return but was hesitant about appearing to hurry her from her mother's bedside.

The surrounding kingdoms were hesitant to challenge a man like Memon and had abandoned Tiyan at the first hint of Memon's ill-will.

We were hesitant to speak candidly in front of Molly.