Sentence Examples with the word hervey

Raymond le Gros, Hervey de Montmorency, and the Cogans were also descendants of Nesta, who, by her second husband, Stephen the Castellan, was mother of Robert Fitzstephen.

The same remark may be made of the rest of the sea-board; for, with the exception of Spencer Gulf, the Gulf of St Vincent and Port Phillip on the south, and Moreton Bay, Hervey Bay and Broad Sound on the east, the coast-line is singularly uniform.

The road from Soham to Ely was constructed as a causeway across the fens by Hervey le Breton, first bishop of Ely (1109-1131).

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See Lord Hervey of Ickworth, Memoirs of the Reign of George II., edited by J.

Harold Browne (1811-1891), bishop of Ely; Christopher Wordsworth, bishop of Lincoln; and Lord Arthur Hervey (1808 1 A reprint of this edition has been published by the Clarendon Press (Oxford, 1833).