Sentence Examples with the word hertz

The experimental proof, however, was still lacking, and though several experimenters had come very near its discovery, Hertz was the first who actually succeeded in supplying it, in 1887.

In 1889 Hertz was appointed to succeed R.

Mrs. Hertz was always talking about a nephew.

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HEINRICH RUDOLF HERTZ (1857-1894), German physicist, was born at Hamburg on the 22nd of February 1857.

In this connexion the interesting scheme formulated by Hertz (1894) deserves notice.

The best edition of the grammatical works is by Hertz and Keil, in Keil's Grammatici latini, vols.

These effects, as Hertz showed, indicated the establishment of stationary electric waves in space and the propagation of electric and magnetic force through space with a finite velocity.

She stopped, remembering the photo on the wall in the Hertz cabin.

Before the classical researches of Hertz in 1886 and 1887, many observers had noticed curious effects due to electric sparks produced at a distance which were commonly ascribed to ordinary electrostatic or electro-magnetic induction.

Electric Waves.-In the decade 1880-1890, the most important advance in electrical physics was, however, that which originated with the astonishing researches of Heinrich Rudolf Hertz (1857-1894).