Sentence Examples with the word heroically

In 1420 it heroically withstood a protracted siege by Alphonso V.

Louis took an active part in the campaign and fought heroically at Jarnac and Moncontour.

The Church Missionary Society came in 1804 and has worked heroically and successfully, though the largest mission now is that of the Wesleyans, who came in 1811, settling first at Sierra Leone.

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Other reverses followed, but the attack on Cuneo was heroically repulsed by the citizens.

Repeated attempts to capture the fort having failed, Menelek and Makonnen opened negotiations with Baratieri for its capitulation, and on the 21st of January the garrison, under Major Galliano, who had heroically defended the position, were permitted to march out with the honors of war.

The other army corps and all the fortresses followed his example, Komarom, heroically defended by Klapka, being the last to capitulate (Sept.

Margaret did not lack courage, she followed the king on his crusade, and bore herself heroically at Damietta.

During the second crusade (1145-1147) Bernard of Clairvaux heroically protested against similar inhumanities.

Between 1499 and 1505 they heroically withstood three sieges and repulsed three attacking armies.

Restored to the British in 1762, it was in 1782 heroically but unsuccessfully defended by General Murray.