Sentence Examples with the word hermit

There was a friary of Augustine or Hermit Friars here founded apparently about 1280.

He seems to have lived mainly as a hermit outside the city: his time was devoted to study, writing, teaching and the refutation of heresies.

Before the middle of the century Richard Rolle, the hermit of Hampole 1349), turned into English, with certain additions and omissions, the famous Commentary on the Psalms by Peter Lombard.

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He returned to his native place and for many years lived as a hermit in the desert by the marshes on the Egyptian border.

It was at Athens that he seriously began to think of religion, and resolved to seek out the most famous hermit saints in Syria and Arabia, in order to learn from them how to attain to that enthusiastic piety in which he delighted, and how to keep his body under by maceration and other ascetic devices.

The parish - originally called Aberbrothock and now incorporated with Arbroath for administrative purposes - takes its name from a saint or hermit whose chapel was situated at Grange of Conon, 32 m.

The hermit thrush, veery, song sparrow, red-eyed vireo, bunting, warbler and wren are among the song birds of the forests.

From Manchuria, it was assumed, the political influence and spontaneous infiltration would naturally spread to Korea, and on the deeply indented coast of the Hermit Kingdom might be constructed new ports and arsenals more spacious and strategically more important than Port Arthur.

Newminster (L): Musjid (D), Hermit (D), Lord Clifden (L).

For the First Crusade William had followed Albert of Aix; and he had consequently depicted Peter the Hermit as the prime mover in the Crusade.