Sentence Examples with the word heritage

I'm sure my heritage attracted more than anything else.

Henry rewarded him with a pension of 20 a year, and encouraged him to further exploration, in which he discovered all the American coast-line from Labrador to the mouth of the Delawarea great heritage for England, but one not destined to be taken up for colonization till more than a century had passed.

In 133 Rome entered formally upon the heritage of the Attalid kingdom and became the dominant power in the Anatolian peninsula for 1 200 years.

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Grounds for a variety of developments are to be found in the imperfect harmonization of the rationalistic heritage from the Wolffian tradition which still dominates Kant's pure general logic with the manifest epistemological intention of his transcendental theory.

Insanity, the heritage of his grandfather Charles VI.

She instantly recognized the Spanish heritage in his father.

On the death of Asoka in 231 B.C. the empire of the Mauryas broke up, and their heritage in the west fell to the Andhra dynasty of the Satavahanas of Paithan on the Godavari, a Dravidian family whose dominion by 200 B.C. stretched across the peninsula from the deltas of the Godavari and Kistna to Nasik and the Western Ghats.

In the course of Filippos wars with Florence and Venice, the greatest generals of this age were formedFrancesco Carmagnola, who was beheaded between the columns at Venice in 1432; Niccol Piccinino, who died at Milan in 1444; and Francesco Sforza, who survived to seize his masters heritage in 1450.

It is a heritage from the middle ages, when the Knights Hospitallers undertook for men the duties discharged in female institutions by the nuns.

The old king very naturally preferred to keep his dominions united under his own immediate government, but he had designated his eldest sonas his successor in England and Normandy, while Richard was to have his mothers heritage of Aquitaine, and Geoffreys wifes dowry, the duchy of Brittany, was due to him, now that he had reached the verge of manhood.