Sentence Examples with the word here

On the 11th of May 1898 a force from two vessels of the United States fleet under Admiral Schley, searching for Cervera and blockading the port, cut two of the three cables here (at Point Colorado, at the entrance of the harbour), and for the first time in the Spanish-American War the American troops were under fire.

Referring to the figures (2, 3) for an explanation of terms applicable to the parts of the valve and the markings on its inner surface corresponding to the muscular areas already noted on the surface of the animal's body - we must specially note here the position of that denticulated thickening of the dorsal margin of the valve which is called the hinge (fig.

It is mentioned so early as the 7th century and in 868 Baldwin of the Iron Arm, first count of Flanders, who had been entrusted by Charles the Bald with the defence of the northern marches, built a castle here against the Normans raiding up the Scheldt.

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More than half, including the largest and finest, are in the upper and the lower Geyser basins, near the head of the Madison, here known as the Firehole, river.

Edmund Waller the poet owned the property of Hall Barn, and died here in 1687.

A future life for him is important, because our happiness in it may depend on our present conduct; and therefore our action here should take into account the reward or punishment that it may bring on us hereafter.

The subject is here that of a high goddess of heaven (she has 70 sons) whose friend and lover finds her in the misery of deepest degradation, frees her, and bears her home as his bride.

Perhaps this god-awful crawl in here wasn't for naught after all.

I was telling Mrs. Edith about these here letters and how the two ladies from Boston will be coming to Bird Song.

Long by 12 broad), and opposite on the north bank is Barra Point, the river being here contracted to 21 m.