Sentence Examples with the word henna

Some towns were destroyed; the people of Henna were massacred.

Dionysius then planted mercenaries at Leontini, conquered some Sicel towns, Henna among them, and made alliances with others.

The leaves of the henna plant are used to impart a bright red color to the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet, and the nails of both hands and feet, of women and children, the hair of old ladies and the tails of horses.

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Sicel Henna (Enna, Castrogiovanni) is the special seat of the worship of Demeter and her daughter.

The beard is frequently dyed with henna and indigo for much the same reasons as in Europe by elderly men; this is entirely optional.

Attacks on Syracuse failed; so did attacks on Henna - Castrum Ennae, 829-1060.

Whether the inland Sicel town of Henna was ever a Syracusan settlement is doubtful.

Of dye-stuffs there are produced henna (Lawsonia iijermis) principally grown at Khabis near Kermn, woad and madder; a small quantity of indigo is grown near Dizfu and Shushter.

It has now become impossible to distinguish the two races; Henna and Herbessus are now the fellows of Camarina and Leontini.