Sentence Examples with the word hemiptera

Aquatic Hemiptera are described by L.

This family of Hemiptera (the Hydrometridae) and the Saldidae contain several insects that are marine, haunting the tidal margin.

For marine Hemiptera (Halobates) see F.

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European Hemiptera have been dealt with in numerous papers by A.

Sub-orders, but an interesting peculiarity of the Hemiptera is the occasional presence of winged and wingless races of the same species.

Since many of the insects of the order Hemiptera are distasteful, the mimicry of the bug (Megapetus) is in this case probably Mullerian or synaposematic; the grasshopper (Myrmecophana), on the other hand, is probably edible and the mimicry is Batesian or pseudaposematic. This is a simple case consisting of a small number of component species.

The same style of coloration is found in Coleoptera of the families Cetoniidae and Cantharidae; in Diptera of the families Asilidae, Bombylidae, Tabanidae and Tachinidae; in Hemiptera of the family Reduviidae and in Lepidoptera of the family Zygaenidae.

The number of described species of Hemiptera must now be nearly 20,000.

The digestive system has a slender gullet, a large crop and no gizzard; in some Hemiptera the hinder region of the mid-gut forms a twisted loop with the gullet.

In Hemiptera this telson is absent, and the anal orifice is placed quite at the termination of the eleventh segment.