Sentence Examples with the word help me

We have the thickest walls, and the creature promised to help me build the strongest armies with the strongest warriors.

If you're not going to help me dig, get the fuck out.

I'll hang the spring and winter landscapes in my music room; maybe you can help me decide where to put the still life.

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Fred thinks it would help me capture the up-county rancher vote.

Sasha can help me break the bond so you don.t have to deal with that anymore.

I would agree not to slaughter your Guardians and declare a ceasefire for thirty days, if you will agree to help me root out the traitors in my own organization.

She's volunteered to help me round up the people and knows, like, everyone in town.

Miss Ev. came up to help me make a list of words Helen has learned.

It was nice of you to help me out... even if it was grudgingly.

Come on back and help me pack.