Sentence Examples with the word help

Manuel subsequently set out in person to seek help from the West, and for this purpose visited Italy, France, Germany and England, but without material success; the victory of Timur in 1402, and the death of Bayezid in the following year were the first events to give him a genuine respite from Ottoman oppression.

Although the British government, in return for concessions in Zanzibar, had consented, in 1890, to recognize a French protectorate over Madagascar, the Malagasy prime minister, Rainilaiarivony, was not disposed to give any advantage to France and continued to arm and train, by the help of British officers, a large body of native soldiers.

There are now but few, if any, scholars who think that the Peshito is an entirely separate version, and the majority have been convinced by Burkitt and recognize (1) that the Peshito is based on a knowledge of the Old Syriac and the Diatessaron; (2) that it was made by Rabbula with the help of the contemporary Greek text of the Antiochene Church.

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The exchange a week ago was the first time she met the nightmarish Original Vamp, when he'd offered to help Jule in exchange for asking her a question.

He had also earned renown by carrying on feuds with the citizens of Worms and of Metz, and now, with a view to realizing his larger ambitions, he opened the campaign (August 1522) by attacking the elector of Trier, who, as a spiritual prince, would not, it was hoped, receive any help from the religious reformers.

Deidre stared at Past-Death, wondering why the former goddess was trying to help the daughter of the Dark One that meant to crush her.

Then the Captain knows that Jonah is a fugitive; but at the same time resolves to help a flight that paves its rear with gold.

They want me back in the immortal realm to help them battle the Others.

While diplomats create treaties, technologists help with their enforcement.

But like his predecessors Sieyes felt that for the revolution which he meditated he must have the help of a soldier.