Sentence Examples with the word helicopter

Consider Stephen Wiltshire, who could remember landscapes in such detail that he once drew an extremely intricate, thirty-foot panorama of Tokyo after only a short helicopter ride around the city.

She saw smoke moving across the sky a moment before the helicopter rolled and began its sickening maneuvers again.

Lana hunkered against the mountain as the helicopter drew nearer.

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The helicopter dropped suddenly, and she thought she'd vomit.

A set of stairs unfolded from the helicopter to the plateau, and Brady rushed her forward.

The thump of a helicopter drew nearer.

The helicopter lifted away before Brady had two feet in its belly, and the soldier holding her strapped her securely into a seat in the rear while the two of them stood with nonchalance in the center.

The helicopter rolled as it fell, like a carnival ride without the option to get off.

The helicopter righted itself fast, and she saw the parachute Brady had been trying to release by smashing his fist against the control box in the ceiling.

She stared at a helicopter as it lifted nimbly into the air, imagining Mr. Tim and other politicians aboard it.