Sentence Examples with the word held

Before the Norman Conquest seven thanes held it of Edward the Confessor as seven manors, but William the Conqueror granted the whole to Ilbert de Lacy, and at the time of the Domesday Survey it was held of him by Ralph Paganel, who is said to have raised Leeds castle, possibly on the site of an earlier fortification.

A city on the brink of total anarchy is being held hostage by the increased threat of organized gang violence.

He held successively the suburban sees of Albano and Sabina, also the sees of Cadiz, Maillezais, Arras and Cremona, and was made archbishop of Ravenna, 1524, by Clement VII.

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In 1836 fairs were instituted on the Tuesday before the 6th of April and on the Tuesday before the 11th of October, which are still maintained, and a large cattle market is held on the first Wednesday of every month.

Then the three held a counsel to decide what they should do next, but could think of no way to better their condition.

During the three years he held this position he carried out researches on the contact of elastic solids, hardness, evaporation and the electric discharge in gases, the last earning him the special commendation of Helmholtz.

Regular sessions of the legislature are held biennially, in odd-numbered years, and begin on the second Monday in January.

Leipoldt (Leipzig, 1907), may also be warmly recommended; it is clear and methodical, and does not make the common mistake of assigning too much to secondary causes; the author does not forget that he is dealing with a sacred book, and that he has to show why it was held sacred.

Elise held out a meal bar, which Lana accepted.

Sometimes an intermediate regime was set up between the annexation of the province and the creation of its provincial parlement, under which delegates from the Parlement of Paris went and held assizes there.