Sentence Examples with the word heinous

Yet even in the enlightened 18th century popular fanaticism made of sacrilege the most heinous offence.

But not stopping the heinous acts he's committing.

When the sins confessed were very heinous the satisfactions were correspondingly severe and sometimes lasted over many years.

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The general charges, which they endeavoured to substantiate by forged letters, need not count for much, and in many cases they only exaggerated what, if true, was not so heinous as they suggested.

These principles applied to all classes of society alike, and though strife within the family was by no means unknown, at all events in royal families, the actual slaying of a kinsman was regarded as the most heinous of all offences.

Not all the sins named are equally heinous according to modern conceptions; many of them deal with petty offences against religious usages that seem to us but trifling.

This last enormous privilege, which became one of the main and most efficient instruments of the subjection of Europe to clerical tyranny, extended to matters both civil and criminal; though, as Bingham shows, it did not (always and everywhere) prevail in cases of heinous crime (Origines Eccles.

Sir George Grey sought to deal with the difficulty as a whole, and to provide for all classes of criminals, the most heinous deserving severe correction and the minor offenders in the earliest stages of misconduct.