Sentence Examples with the word heilige Schrift

He is not to be confounded with Johann Friedrich Von Meyer (1772-1849), the senator of Frankfort, who published a translation of the Bible in 1819 (Die heilige Schrift in berichtigter Ubersetzung mit kurzen Anmerkungen; 2nd ed., 1823; 3rd ed., 1855).

Neuen Testamente (1841-1844; 2nd ed., 1857-1860); DerSchriftbeweis (1852-1856; 2nd ed., 18 571860); Die heilige Schrift des neuen Testaments zusammenhangend untersucht (1862-1875); Schutzschriften (1856-1859), in which he defends himself against the charge of denying the Atonement; and Theologische Ethik (1878).