Sentence Examples with the word hedgehog

Some more or less immune creatures are the mongoose, the hedgehog and the pig, the secretary-bird, the honey buzzard, the stork and probably other snake-eaters.

The Tunisian hedgehog is peculiar to that country and to Algeria.

The hedgehog and porcupine are common in the plains.

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Hares, for a long period extinct, were reintroduced about 1830, rabbits are very numerous, and the northern limit of the hedgehog is drawn at Lerwick.

We must have Hedgehog there, I mean Quohog, in one of our boats.

The polecat and hedgehog also occur.

Such hairs, either upon different parts of the skin of the same species, or in different species, assume very diverse forms and are of various sizes and degrees of rigidity - as seen in the fur of the mole, the bristles of the pig, and the spines of the hedgehog and porcupine, which are all modifications of the same structures.

There are ten species of bat (komori) and seven of insect-eaters, and prominent in this class are the mole (mugura) and the hedgehog (hari-nezumi).

In these plains the fox is most abundant, and the badger and hedgehog are found.