Sentence Examples with the word hector

A small endowment was provided by the king, and the university, modelled on that of Paris and intended principally to be a school of law, soon became the most famous and popular of the Scots seats of learning, a result which was largely due to the wide experience and ripe wisdom of Elphinstone and of his friend, Hector Boece, the first rector.

Charges of corruption in the administration of the department of public works, which led to the expulsion of one member of parliament, involved also the resignation from the cabinet of Sir Hector Langevin, leader of the French Conservatives, against whom carelessness at least in administration had been established.

Baillie, the army of Sir Hector Munro here found refuge.

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Not till the smoke was seen from St Thomas's Mount, where Sir Hector Munro commanded some 5200 troops, was an 9;;10vement made; then, however, the British general sought to effect a junction with a smaller body under Colonel Baillie recalled from Guntur.

The destruction of the forest is telling fatally on the ' See the geological map of New Zealand by Sir James Hector (1884).

According to other accounts, he was slain by Hector (Hyginus, Fab.

The death of Astyanax, and the farewell scene between Andromache and Hector (Iliad, vi.

When Achilles, enraged with Agamemnon, deserted the Greeks, Hector drove them back to their ships, which he almost succeeded in burning.

The main work continued to be done in Latin, and to better purpose by Hector Boece (q.v.), John Major and George Buchanan (q.v.) than by the earlier annalists Fordun (q.v.) and Bower (q.v.).

When Neoptolemus was slain at Delphi, he left his wife and kingdom to Helenus, the brother of Hector (Virgil, Aen.