Sentence Examples with the word hectic

Martha bore no scars from her hectic July adventure and when news came that mother Patsy was back in the clink, she accepted it without reservation.

All in all, it can get pretty hectic around here.

If you are looking for hectic nightlife, Lloret de Mar is just a short taxi ride away.

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Things are getting a bit hectic for me at the moment.

It was time for the Deans to talk, to enjoy one another, the first real time together since their May wedding and hectic summer and fall that followed their move West and the opening of Bird Song.

The Reciprocity Treaty with the United States, in operation from 1854 to 1866, and the high prices for farm produce due to the American Civil War, brought about an almost hectic prosperity.

Modern life is becoming more hectic by the minute.

Things have been quite hectic once again, leaving not enough hours in the day.

She enjoyed the hectic bustle of High Street Kensington.

But not even in the worst of times did they ever regret for a moment abandoning their life in the East for this quiet mountain hamlet they now called home and their sometimes hectic life of running a country inn.