Sentence Examples with the word heavenly body

IrapaXX6, alternately), in astronomy, the apparent change in the direction of a heavenly body when viewed from two different points.

The myriads of the angelic hosts who people this world are divided into ten ranks, answering to the ten Sephiroth, and each one of these numerous angels is set over a different part of the universe, and derives his name from the heavenly body or element which he guards (Zohar, i.

Stripped of all unnecessary adjuncts, and reduced to a geometric form, the ideal method by which the zenith distance of a heavenly body is determined by the combination which we have described is as follows: - Let OP (fig.

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Immersio, dipping), the act of being plunged into a fluid, or being overwhelmed by anything; in astronomy, the disappearance of a heavenly body in the shadow of another, especially of a satellite in the shadow of its primary.

But an unlooked-for fresh opportunity was afforded by the discovery in 1898 of the singularly circumstanced minor planet Eros, which occasionally approaches the earth more nearly than any other heavenly body except the moon.

RIGHT ASCENSION, in astronomy, that co-ordinate of a heavenly body defined by the angle which the meridian passing through it makes with the prime meridian through the vertical equinox (see Astronomy).

The anomalistic revolution of a planet or other heavenly body is the revolution between two consecutive passages through the pericentre.

Yn) as an origin; a term designating especially the co-ordinates of a heavenly body referred to this origin.