Sentence Examples with the word heather

Five well-contrasted types of scenery in Derbyshire are clearly traceable to as many varieties of rock; the bleak dry uplands of the north and east, with deep-cut ravines and swift clear streams, are due to the great mass of Mountain Limestone; round the limestone boundary are the valleys with soft outlines in the Pendleside Shales; these are succeeded by the rugged moorlands, covered with heather and peat, which are due to the Millstone Grit series; eastward lies the Derbyshire Coalfield with its gently moulded grasscovered hills; southward is the more level tract of red Triassic rocks.

Above sea-level, on a common of furze and heather in the midst of picturesque country.

The weather is naturally more precarious in autumn than earlier in the year, and chances of success proportionately smaller for northern bee-men, but the disadvantage to the latter is more than compensated for by the heather season, which extends well into September.

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To enlarge the area, or raise the surface-level where that was necessary, layers of logs, brushwood, heather and ferns were piled on the shallow, and consolidated with gravel and stones.

Of England and of Scotland, where they thrive u p on heather hills and coarse and exposed grazing lands.

The soil is quartz sand and is chiefly covered with heather and brushwood.

A festival called the Rushbearing takes place on the Saturday within the octave of St Oswald's day (August 5th), when a holiday is observed and the church decorated with rushes, heather and flowers.