Sentence Examples with the word hearth

Sasha sat before the hearth as if deep in thought.

Nothing but the crackle and soft light of the hearth disturbed the room, aside from the cold book in his hands.

After wavering between various plans, he decided on the 13th of July to cast himself on the generosity of the British government, and dictated a letter to the prince regent in which he compared himself to Themistocles seating himself at the hearth of his enemy.

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Thus the crucible process in its American form both carburizes and remelts, and the open hearth process is often used rather for remelting than for purifying.

He must indeed take with him the sacred fire and implements for domestic sacrifice, but until death overtakes him he must wander silent, alone, possessing no hearth nor dwelling, begging his food in the villages, firm of purpose, with a potsherd for an alms bowl, the roots of trees for a dwelling, and clad in coarse worn-out garments.

I felt my way to the hearth and picked up the pieces.

The hearth blazed opposite her position on a plush sofa with buttery leather in a small study with Persian carpets.

When used for ore smelting, the reduced metal and the accompanying slag were to be caught, after leaving the arc and while still liquid, in a hearth fired with ordinary fuel.

Belle would get up, stretch herself lazily, give one or two contemptuous sniffs, go to the opposite side of the hearth and lie down again, and I, wearied and disappointed, went off in search of Martha.

But he found a stepmother there; and this apparition on his father's hearth at first rather appalled him.