Sentence Examples with the word heartbeat

His heartbeat was as steady as the tide, his strength needed when hers was fading.

The ocean breeze cooled his back, and his heartbeat was synced to the movement of the tide.

Afterwards, she snuggled into his arms, content with the sound of his heartbeat and the feel of his arms around her.

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Her chin trembled at the steady pulse of his heartbeat beneath her fingertips.

In this view, all economic history is the slow heartbeat of the social organism, a vast systole and diastole of concentrating wealth and compulsive recirculation.

It made her heartbeat elevate, her body sweat.

Her heartbeat seemed too loud in her ears, and she hoped he wasn't able to hear as well as Xander seemed to.

Her stomach fluttered, her heartbeat fast.

The room suddenly seemed too small for the both of them, and she became as aware of his heartbeat as her own.

His heartbeat was strong and steady, the thick arm wrapped around her as it had been when he held her after they'd made love for the last time before falling asleep.