Sentence Examples with the word heartache

Nothing but heartache could come of it.

I surely may accept their morbid invitation and although seared by the flames of eternal damnation, I'll at least be free from the anguish and heartache of this abominable life.

They released the heartache they had been holding in and were filled with unencumbered passion, melting into each other as they had the first time, but now neither held any secrets, and neither needed to maintain control.

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That type of heartache is rough, but I came to peace with it and was pretty happy with my expulsion, until a few days ago.

Now, through happenstance I learn of a way this heartache might be sometimes prevented.

This is going to give Damian some heartache with the Watchers.

He found the dark memories of his enslavement were enough to motivate him without the heartache of remembering all that was good that would never be his again.

There was a time she had some heartache about trading his innocence for blood.

Men are heartache and more trouble than they're worth.