Sentence Examples with the word heart-shaped

Two years later a heart-shaped float plate was attached to the case, and the log called the Ai Harpoon ship log (fig.

The jalap plant has slender herbaceous twining stems, with alternately placed heart-shaped pointed leaves and salver-shaped deep purplish-pink flowers.

Thus any twining plant with a heart-shaped leaf, white and green above and purple beneath, is called by them guaco (R.

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Spectabilis, 2 to 3 ft., has paeony-like foliage, and gracefully drooping spikes of heart-shaped pink flowers, about May, but it should have a sheltered place, as it suffers from spring frosts and winds; D.

Leaves heart-shaped lobed and toothed; flowers white starry; ordinary garden soil.

Most interesting of these is the dagger or sword, always very short, save in the latest graves, and distinguished by a heart-shaped guard marking the juncture of hilt and blade; its sheath is also characteristic, having a triangular projection on one side and usually a separate chape: these peculiar forms were necessitated by a special way of hanging the dagger from two straps that it might not interfere with a rider's movements.

It is a vivid green and has large, fleshy, heart-shaped leaves.

P. macrophylla or candicans, commonly known as the Ontario poplar, is remarkable for its very large heart-shaped leaves, sometimes 10 in.