Sentence Examples with the word hear

After his time tribal assemblies are seldom mentioned, and though we hear occasionally, both in England and elsewhere, of a concourse of people being present when a king holds court on high days or religious festivals, there is no evidence that such concourses took part in the discussion of state affairs.

The weaver-god, he weaves; and by that weaving is he deafened, that he hears no mortal voice; and by that humming, we, too, who look on the loom are deafened; and only when we escape it shall we hear the thousand voices that speak through it.

But stop; here comes little King-Post; dodge round the try-works, now, and let's hear what he'll have to say.

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Katie exclaimed, never as happy as that moment to hear Hannah's voice.

I think I hear someone coming down the hall.

In imperial times we hear little of it, though its grain and grapes were famous.

Nor let the obvious and first hand meaning of what I said about my flesh and blood disturb you when you hear it.

The Deans couldn't hear the conversation but assumed it was one more lady in waiting for the senior Prince Charming's favor.

At any minute, she'd hear him tear them apart and then, she'd freak out.

Cynthia scrunched close to Dean's ear, trying to hear the conversation, and offered a word or two as well.