Sentence Examples with the word healthy

Right now, I can't trust you to set up what I'd call healthy chain of events.

The steppe countries, Kordofan and Darfur, are also healthy except after the autumn rains.

If a healthy spinal cord be hung up in spirit for a matter of six months or more, a glassy substance develops within it quite like true amyloid.

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I believe it to be within our grasp to make plants that grow in any environment and produce healthy food with fewer resources.

Milk and Disease.-Although the milk of a perfectly healthy cow may be absolutely sterile, it is difficult to obtain it in that condition.

Without a doubt, the fact that the babies were healthy had major influence on his mood.

Danao has a comparatively cool and healthy climate, is the centre of a rich agricultural region producing rice, Indian corn, sugar, copra and cacao, and coal is mined in the vicinity.

The demise of war will be hastened when every impulse to war is regarded, at least initially, with a healthy measure of distrust.

Surely that would convince them that she was healthy enough to go home.

Some suspect we can be made to be healthy and energetic to the age of one hundred thirty and that's it.