Sentence Examples with the word healthier

She looked healthier and happier than during their last two encounters, and Linda had let it slip that she and Rainy were talking again.

Somewhere, in actual life, the stress of craft and courage acting on the springs of human vice and weakness fails, unless the hero of the comedy or tragedy, Callimaco or Cesare, allows for the revolt of healthier instincts.

The higher the altitude the healthier the animals and the greater their immunity from disease.

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In my experience, people who challenge themselves and strive for goals are happier and healthier than those who don't.

He had fits of superstition which in healthier moments he despised.

Inland, is far healthier than the low-lying Laurentum, where, except in the immediate vicinity of the coast, malaria must have been a dreadful scourge.

There is nothing to prevent their contributing to political committees, and the financial methods and the amounts expended by such committees are not made public. But behind all these causes that have led to more honest elections lies the still greater one of a healthier public spirit.

But since they have more money, they choose to spend it on what they perceive as healthier food that is more responsibly and sustainably made.

Upper Egypt is healthier than Lower Egypt, where, especially near the coast, malarial fevers and diseases of the respiratory organs are not uncommon.

Lying higher than Hamburg, Altona enjoys a purer and healthier atmosphere.