Sentence Examples with the word healer

A healer and a god-slayer born into the same family.

The Black God's sister was a healer who died at her brother's hands.

Rhyn retreated to the wall and sat with his back against it, staring at the healer that held the woman protectively in his arms.

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Katie asked, startled to see the cowering healer in her room.

The healer was huddled against the door, looking around with visible horror.

I need a hand finding an Ancient healer named Lankha.

Yes. Our healer did what we could.

She shook her head and twisted to face the corner, where the blonde Oracle and brunette Healer sat together.

He whirled and strode into the room, pushing the healer aside to kneel over Iliana.

He recognized the healer by the amount of bands winding around his arm.