Sentence Examples with the word healed

An hour later, she left the medical facility, completely healed though still exhausted.

Bianca healed me earlier, and I thought I could do more than I could, especially since ....

His wound, though a slight one, had not yet healed even now, six weeks after he had been hit.

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Bianca healed a newly turned vamp.

Darian's power burned while Bianca's healed the invisible wounds created by the Grey God.

Years had healed the breach between him and the Medicean family; and on the occasion of the Pazzi conspiracy against the life of Lorenzo de' Medici, he had sent violent letters of abuse to his papal patron Sixtus, denouncing his participation in a plot so dangerous to the security of Italy.

The waters healed as you said they would.

Natasha's wound healed in that way.

She thought there was more to him earlier when he healed her and for a moment, she'd made the same mistake while sitting in his lap.

After the demon healed his legs, he threw himself from the Western Cliffs.