Sentence Examples with the word heal

In the morning, you'll be able to heal him.

Just before the capture of the city, Paris, wounded by Philoctetes with one of the arrows of Heracles, sought the aid of the deserted Oenone, who had told him that she alone could heal him if wounded.

Her head sagged against the shower wall, and she wished she could order her body not to heal her, to let her bleed out and die so she didn't suffer anymore.

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Wow, werewolves heal even faster than vampires.

The disciples as they journey are to take no provisions, but to throw themselves Sayings of on the bounty of their hearers; they are to heal the sick and to proclaim the nearness of the kingdom of God.

You will heal like I do.

The wound had begun to heal from within.

What the Council didn't know was that Anshan would heal with its nishani, even if it took many sun-cycles for the mining industry to repair itself.

When this is healthy the attacks of microbes are resisted, wounds heal readily, and patients recover from serious diseases which in persons of debilitated constitution would prove fatal.

A canker is the result of repeated frustrated attempts on, the part of the callus to heal up a wound.