Sentence Examples with the word headquarters

He felt that Kutuzov was upset and dissatisfied about something and that at headquarters they were dissatisfied with him, and also that at the Emperor's headquarters everyone adopted toward him the tone of men who know something others do not know: he therefore wished to speak to Dolgorukov.

The Augustinian monastery of St Victor near Paris became the headquarters of mysticism during the 12th century.

This council was nominated by the governments of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Germany, Great Britain, Holland and Belgium, with headquarters in Copenhagen and a central laboratory at Christiania, and its aim was to furnish data for the improvement of the fisheries of the North Sea and surrounding waters.

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On the failure of this attempt he left Austria and joined the headquarters of the Prussian army (1813), and became a member of the board of administration for north Germany.

The town is the headquarters of the valuable Boyne salmon-fishery.

While he was being conveyed in a motor-car from the Government military headquarters in the west end of Berlin to the prison at Moabit he was shot down by his military escort while, as was subsequently alleged, he was attempting escape.

Besancon is important as the seat of an archbishopric, a court of appeal and a court of assizes, as centre of an academie (educational division), as seat of a prefect and as headquarters of the VIIth army corps.

The town has two hospitals, several schools, and is the headquarters of important insurance societies.

The headquarters of the horde were at Bamian and at Balkh, and from these points they raided south-east and south-west.

Being the great entrepot for the trade of Egypt, the city is the headquarters of the British chamber of commerce and of most of the merchants and companies engaged in the development of the Delta.