Sentence Examples with the word headmaster

It was declared in a prefatory note to the volume that the authors were responsible only for their respective articles, but some of these were deemed so destructive that many people banned the whole book, and a noisy demand, led by Samuel Wilberforce, then bishop of Oxford, called on the headmaster of Rugby to dissociate himself from his comrades.

The headmaster of this school was Ernst Friedrich Poppo (1794-1866), a celebrated Grecian, and Ranke was entrusted with the teaching of history.

In 1887 he became headmaster of Rugby, and in 1895 was appointed to the bishopric of Hereford.

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The Strassburg Literary Society feted him, and Johannes Sapidus, headmaster of the Latin school at Schlettstadt, rode with him into Basel.

C. Wickham, headmaster of Wellington, 1873-1893, and later Dean of Lincoln.

Erasmus was at Deventer from 1475 to 1484, and when he left, had learnt from Johannes Sinthius (Syntheim) and Alexander Hegius, who had come as headmaster in 1483, the love of letters which was the ruling passion of his life.

Agnes, Cambs., but the greater part of his life was given up to teaching, as headmaster of Helston grammar school from 18J5 to 1859 and of King Edward VI.

In 1827 he received the rectory of West Tytherley, Hampshire, and two years later he was elected headmaster of Harrow.

The first recorded headmaster after the foundation of the college, John Melton, had been presented by Wykeham to the mastership of this hospital in 1393 shortly before his retirement.

After graduating B.A., he became assistant and then headmaster of the grammar school of his native town, uniting to these duties those of assistant curate.