Sentence Examples with the word hc

CH(CH 3) CO 2 HC 2 H 5 CO CH 2 CH3; and by the action of zinc alkyls on acid chlorides (M.

Bladin HC -N (Ber., 1892, 25, p. 183) by the action of acetic)NH anhydride on dicyanophenylhydrazine (formed N: CH from cyanogen and phenylhydrazine), the resulting acetyl derivative losing water and yielding phenylmethylcyanotriazole, which, on hydrolysis, gives the free acid.

CH E li CH 3 CO CO CH 3 HC CO.

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And III., pyrazine being I.: HC N CH HC NH CH HC N CH2 H2C NH CH2 HC N CH2 H2C NH H2 I (Pyrazine) II (1.4 dihydro) III (2.3 dihydro) IV (Piperazine).

Crotonic acid, isocrotonic acid and methacrylic acid; the constitutional formulae are HC CO 2 H HC C02H HC CH3 CH3 CH Crotonic Acid.