Sentence Examples with the word hazel

The hazel is very frequently mentioned by the old French romance writers.

The seed is rather larger than a hazel nut, with a thicker and darker shell and per- Planting fectly spherical shape.

Among the shrubs and vines are the blackberry, black and red raspberry, gooseberry, huckleberry, hazel and grape.

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The Jesuit Vaniere, who flourished in the early part of the 18th century, in the Praedium rusticum (pp. 12, 13, new ed., Toulouse, 1742) amusingly relates the manner in which he exposed the chicanery of one who pretended by the aid of a hazel divining-rod to point out hidden water-courses and gold.

The wood of the hazel is whitish-red, close in texture and pliant, and has when dry a weight of 49 lb per cub.

The virtue of the hazel wand was supposed to be dependent on its having two forks; these were to be grasped in the fists, with the fingers uppermost, but with moderate firmness only, lest the free motion of the opposite end downwards towards the looked-for object should be interfered with.

The witch hazel is quite a distinct plant, Hamamelis virginica, of the natural order Hamamalideae, the astringent bark of which is used in medicine.

The woods consist chiefly of pine and hazel upon theApennines, and upon the Calabrian, Sicilian and Sardinian mountains of oak, ilex, hornbeam and similar trees.

The leaves of the hazel are frequently found mined on the upper and under side respectively by the larvae of the moths Lithocolletis coryli and L.

In autumn the rich yellow tint acquired by the leaves of the hazel adds greatly to the beauty of landscapes.