Sentence Examples with the word hazardous

To leave such a foe in his rear, while he plunged into the heart of Russia would have been hazardous indeed.

And it is extremely hazardous to assume, with Sir H.

During the next fifty years the British had a long and hazardous struggle alike with the Mogul governors of the province and the Mahratta armies which invaded it.

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This somewhat hazardous pledge was nobly redeemed.

In effect it bound the Free State to share all the hazardous risk of the reckless anti-British Transvaal policy, 1 Sir Percy Fitzpatrick, in The Transvaal from Within, ch.

But how late an echo it would be hazardous to decide.

Only enhanced the difficulties of an enterprise already made hazardous by the misunderstandings between Greeks and Latins.

As a preliminary to his undertaking a serious land campaign on the shores of the Aegean, the general felt himself obliged to concentrate his forces in Egypt, and to prepare them there for the hazardous undertaking to which they were to be committed.

Their arguments have most weight, however, when they show the hazardous character of reconstructions which rely upon the trustworthiness of the historical narratives.

Many of its breeding-places are a most valuable property to those who live near them and take the eggs and young, which, from the nature of the locality, are only to be had at a hazardous risk of life.