Sentence Examples with the word hayes

DAVID HAYES AGNEW (1818-1892), American surgeon, was born in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, on the 24th of November 1818.

In 1876 he supported Hayes in the contest for the presidency, and Hayes made him in 1877 his secretary of the interior, and followed much of his advice in other cabinet appointments and in his inaugural address.

The Electoral Commission decided that the three votes should be counted for Hayes - if the one Democratic elector had been adjudged chosen, the Democratic candidate for the presidency, S.

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RUTHERFORD BIRCHARD HAYES (1822-1893), nineteenth president of the United States, was born in Delaware, Ohio, on the 4th of October 5822.

He died of consumption on the 14th of June 1881 at Hayes Common, Kent.

Perowne, afterwards bishop of Worcester; the Rev. Edward Hayes Plumtre (1821-1891), professor of exegesis at King's College, London, afterwards dean of Wells; Canon E.

Tilden during the contest for the presidency between Tilden and Hayes (see Electoral CoMMissioN).

At the end of the Hayes administration he was again elected to the Senate from Ohio and held his seat until 1897.

In 1877 Lowell, who had mingled so little in party politics that the sole public office he had held was the nominal one of elector in the Presidential election of 1876, was appointed by President Hayes minister resident at the court of Spain.

On the 4th of March 1881 President Hayes retired to his home at Fremont, Ohio.