Sentence Examples with the word haydn

Thus there were no string-quartets, before Haydn - at least none that can be distinguished from: symphonies for string-band.

His younger brother, JOHANN MICHAEL HAYDN (1737-1806), was also a chorister at St Stephen's, and shortly after leaving the choir-school was appointed Kapellmeister at Grosswardein (1755) and at Salzburg (1762).

Pohl, Mozart and Haydn in London (1867); Joseph Haydn (vol.

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But this was ineffective with the pianoforte, and is only explicable in Haydn as a survival.

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Another brother, JOHANN EVANGELIST HAYDN (1743-1805), gained some reputation as a tenor vocalist, and was for many years a member of Prince Esterhazy's Kapelle.

In 1740, on the recommendation of the Dean of Hainburg, Haydn obtained a place in the cathedral choir of St Stephen's, Vienna, where he took the solo-part in the services and received, at the choir school, some further instruction on the violin and the harpsichord.

FRANZ JOSEPH HAYDN (1732-1809), Austrian composer, was born on the 31st of March 1732 at Rohrau (Trstnik), a village on the borders of Lower Austria and Hungary.

With the encouragement of a discriminating patron, a small but excellent orchestra and a free hand, Haydn made the most of his opportunity and produced a continuous stream of compositions in every known musical form.

Similar principles apply in infinite detail to the treatment of wind instruments, and we must never lose sight of them in speculating as to the reasons why the genius of Beethoven was able to carry instrumentation into worlds of which Haydn and Mozart never dreamt, or why, having gone so far, it left anything unexplored.